The Buffalo, NY based SKINBOUND combines dark imagery with topics of controversy. Their music depicts the violent truth of human nature and how greed, hypocrisy and power have corrupted the sacred institutions of religious belief.

In 2006 SKINBOUND released their first full length self titled record. They were also apart of many national tours including The Jagermeister: Summer of Sin Tour featuring Dope, Manntis and Bleed The Sky, Obituary's "Xecutioners Return" and Kittie's "Funeral For Yesterday" tour.

2007/2008 SKINBOUND was published and began receiving radio rotation in their home markets. Their album also became available through online retailers such as itunes, Napster, E-music, CDBaby and Verizon V-Cast. 2008 also saw them featured on Eclipse Records compilation disc "Loud Music Vol. 10" and Sinister Music/Rockstar Energy Drinks "Mayhem Tour" compilation.

2009/2010 the band uprooted and moved its home base to Los Angeles, California to begin developing new markets by touring independently. In 2010 the band returned to NY to begin writing its sophomore record and to spend 2010 touring the East Coast.

In spring 2011 SKINBOUND released its second record "Between Blood and Angels" with worldwide distribution via Projekt Records/Seireenien Music. They continued to tour independently and perform with bands such as Unearth, Winds of Plague, Born of Osiris, Ventana, Circus of Dead Squirrels, As Summer Dies, The Bunny The Bear, Hanzel an Gretyl, The Genatortures, Sirens and Sailors, Memphis May Fire, Sister Sin, Rising Up Angry and Dead Star Assembly in support of its release.

With the success of "Between Blood and Angels" SKINBOUND released a video in May of 2012 for the single "The Crucible" which received 23,000 views within two months of its release. The band continues to play select regional dates is preparing to release their next sonic attack. Catch SKINBOUND live and discover what others already know. These guys a legitimate contenders on the rock & metal playing field

SKINBOUND has performed at Rockapalooza and Straight Hate music festivals, toured independently and performed with bands such as The Devil Wears Prada, The Burial, Devil Driver, Us From Outside, Attack Attack, Murder Death Kill, Wu-Tang Clan, Machine Gun Kelly, Life As A Ghost, A Plea For Purging, Dead Icons, Dweller, Texas In July, Soulfly, William Control and Psychostick. 

Skinbound live- "Between Blood And Angels"

Skinbound live- "The Devil May"

Skinbound live- "The Crucible"

Skinbound Music Video- "Written On Your Stone"

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