Recording Experience For Jacob Klimchuk    


  • I have recorded two LP’s with a youth band “Rock Candy/For No Apparent Reason” I was in when I was 12 and 13 years old. One recording was for 10 songs at Trippi Studios in Akron NY. We had approximately 40 hours total recording time there, and one 6 song CD at Sturner Studios in N. Tonawanda NY I had 16 Hours at that studio.
  • I recorded a six song CD with “Forced With in”. It was a self Produced CD with 9 Hours total recording for me.
  • I recorded with “Murder Creek” for a 7 song CD with approx 9 Hours recording time at New Song Productions in Akron NY.
  • I Recorded with Red Revolution for a 4 song Demo CD in a Buffalo NY Studio with a total of 3 hours there.
  • I recorded a 12 song CD with “The Josh Hogan Band” who called me in to do the drum tracks for him at “Mark Studios” in Clarence NY with a total of 12 hours there.
  • I recorded drum tracks for a singer songwriter at Acoustic Studios in N. Collins NY. For a total of 4 hours here.
  • I am currently in a recording project, that is being professionally recorded and mastered, with a rock band “Lord Swagger”
  • In 2012, I finished 16 hours of recording at “The Loft Studios” for the “Vincent Massi and the Revelation Band”
  • In 2012 I recorded two songs at AcousticStudios in North Collins for the band"A Midnight Surrender" also did one music video with them.
  • In 2013 I recorded a 7 song EP with the band "Roxy Mae" at a Pro studio in Cleveland OH.
  • Also in 2013 I recorded 7 songs with my current main Project "Skinbound" at "Watchman Studios" in Lockport NY.
  • Also in 2013 I recorded 3 songs with the band "In The Absence Of Scars" in Buffalo NY.
  • In 2014, recorded a 10 song LP with Hard Rock/Metal band "Pollock"
  I have also recorded several times at home studios with various bands I have played in for Demo tracks. With an approx time of about 50 additional hours. For a total of over three hundred hours studio experience.