Bands Played With & Performance/Studio/Fill-in History For Jacob Klimchuk
    Symphonic Metalcore Originals
    8 Originals in playlist

Among the Torrent
    Atmospheric Black/Death Metal Originals
    1 CD recording
    15 Originals in playlist

Fire & Flesh
    Heavy Metal Originals
    2 CD recordings
    12 Originals in playlist

    06/2010-10/2010, 10/2013-04/2015
    Death Metal Originals
    2 CD recordings
    24 Originals in playlist
   Heavy Metal Originals
   4 CD recordings
   20 Originals in playlist
   These two years have been spent touring Mid and East coast states playing over 75 shows countrywide.  Skinbound has played with numerous National Acts and played 4 major music festivals all over Central and eastern US!
   Progressive Rock/Metal Originals
   4 CD recordings
   22 Originals in playlist
   I have done over 20 shows with them covering 5 different states.
Roxy Mae
   Rock and Roll originals and covers
   Over 20 live performances
   2 CD recordings
   10 Originals and 15 covers in playlist
Mercy Beat
    Ska. & Alt Rock Originals
    9 Originals and Preparing for Recording
Red Revolution
    06/2009-to 2012
    Original Blues/Indie Rock
    26 Shows (Started as a fill in drummer then became permanent Member)
    One 4 song CD Recording
    9 Originals in play list
    Classic Rock Cover band
    16 Shows
    45 Classic Hard Rock covers

Rick And The Night Eagles
    50’s and 60’s covers and Elvis Show
    Filled in for one 2hr show with 2 days notice
    28 songs in play list
The Dave West Band
    Indie Rock
    Sat In for a Recording Session at Acoustic Recording Studios
    Recorded 2 Songs.
The Todd Andrews Band
    Country Covers and Originals
    Filled in for one 4 hour show with a 2hr notice
    44 songs in Play List
Fallen From Grace
    Alt. Rock cover Band
    22 covers in play list
Full Caliber
    Hard Rock Covers and Originals
    15 Shows
    1 CD Recording
    15 Originals and 20 covers in playlist.
In Silence We March
    Metal Originals
    5 Shows
    8 originals in Play List
Sugar And Jazz Orchestra
    40’s Swing music
    Played weekly during above dates
    65 Songs In Play list
The Josh Hogan Band
    Rock and Roll covers and originals
    Sat in at “Mark” Recording studio to record a 12 song CD.
Forced Within
    Hard Rock originals and Covers
    4 Shows
    One CD Recording
    9 Originals and 10 Covers.
Murder Creek
    Adult Contemporary Covers and Originals
    16 Shows
    1 CD Recording
    11 Originals and 20 Covers in Play List
Craig Wilkens And The Western New Yorkers
    06/2005 (Filled in for a one hour show)
    Country Cover Band
    13 songs in play List
    5 Members from 33 to 55, I was 10.
For No Apparent Reason (Formerly “Rock Candy”)
    Oldies/Classic Rock
    Over 100 Shows
    2 CD recordings
    65 Cover songs in play list and four Originals
    9 members: Ages 9-17, I was 10 when I started.
              -I also played with several local cover bands such as "Steel Horse", Naughty Dawg", "Hotel Bravo" and many others as a fill-in drummer as needed 2010-2015. I would often do 2-4 shows in a single month with several of these bands.
                -Additionally, I was the temporary drummer for R&B professional show band "Old Skool" for about 5 months in 2011 while their drummer recovered from back surgery. "Old Skool" played out 3-8 times per month when I was with them.
“High School Bands"
    -Concert Band Grades 7-12
    -Marching Band Grades 7-12
    -Pep Band Grades 8-12
    -Elite Jazz Band Grades 9-12
    -HS Orchestra Grades 11-12
    -I played a total of over 50 shows including Disney world with the Marching Band and Jazz Band, St. Patrick’s Day Parade in NYC with the Marching Band, and 4 times at Canada’s largest Thanksgiving Day Parades, and also the Cherry Blossom Parade in Washington DC, and over twenty shows with the Jazz group at various venues such as senior homes etc. I played Snare and Quads with marching Band and Drum set with Jazz group.I also sat in with the String Orchestra when they had live shows.
More information on my music career can be found at
Recording Experience For Jacob Klimchuk:
    -I have recorded two LP’s with a youth band “Rock Candy/For No Apparent Reason” I was in when I was 12 and 13 years old. One recording was for 10 songs at Trippi Studios in Akron NY. We had approximately 40 hours total recording time there, and one 6 song CD at Sturner Studios in N. Tonawanda, NY I had 16 Hours at that studio.
    -I recorded a six song CD with “Forced Within”. It was a self-produced CD with 9 Hours total recording for me.
    -I recorded with “Murder Creek” for a 7 song CD with approximately 9 Hours recording time at New Song Productions in Akron, NY.
    -I Recorded with Red Revolution for a 4 song Demo CD in a Buffalo, NY Studio with a total of 3 hours there.
    -I recorded a 12 song CD with “The Josh Hogan Band” who called me in to do the drum tracks for him at “Mark Studios” in Clarence, NY with a total of 12 hours there.
    -I recorded 2 drum tracks for a singer songwriter at Gallery Acoustics Studios in North Collins, NY for a total of 8 hours here.
    -I was in a recording project, that was professionally recorded and mastered, with a Hard Rock band “Lord Swagger”. We did a total of 5 tracks, with a total of 8 hours recording there.
    -In 2012, I finished 16 hours of recording at “The Loft Studios” for the “Vincent Massi and the Revelation Band”.
    -In 2012 I recorded two songs at Gallery Acoustics Studios in North Collins for the band "A Midnight Surrender" and also did one music video with them, for a total of 6 hours.
    -In 2013 I recorded a 7 song EP with the band "Roxy Mae" at a pro studio in Cleveland, OH for a total of 9 hours.
    -Also in 2013 I recorded 7 songs with my former main Project "Skinbound" at "Watchman Studios" in Lockport, NY for a total of 9 hours.
    -Also in 2013 I recorded 3 songs with the band "In The Absence Of Scars" in Buffalo, NY for a total of 5 hours.
    -In 2014, I recorded a 10 song LP with Progressive Hard Rock/Metal band "Pollock" in Clarence, NY for a total of 8 hours.
  -I have also recorded several times at home studios with various bands I have played in for Demo tracks. With an approx time of about 50 additional hours. For a total of over three hundred hours studio experience.